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COLEDER’s Itinerant Exhibition in Shenzhen – Amazing ACE BLOCK Series

Shenzhen, arousing from the reform and opening-up, is a city of openness, inclusion, and innovation. Only after two days, COLEDER’s itinerant exhibition nationwide was held in Shenzhen, offering a grand feast of the latest professional audiovisual experience for visitors. 

Our fine pitch ACE BLOCK Series were the products attracting and surprising the visitors in the exhibition. Many products could attract the clients, but those, which clients could not remove their eyes from, should be called boutiques. The unique design concept solved the complicated assembly, debugging, unstable display and other problems during the usage. Compared to traditional and common products, the launch of cable-free technology broke the traditional design restriction on LED display. The design of front assembly and maintenance offered the great convenience for ACE BLOCK Series.  

The seamless splice, balanced frame and elegant appearance were the features of ACE BLOCK to visitors. In the future, COLEDER will constantly provide the customized application scheme for users in the sub-industries. Through reliable technologies and services, we will comprehensively improve the user experience.