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The Launch of EDGE1.9- A New Start for COLEDER in Top Exhibition

During the exhibition in Frankfurt, COLEDER carries out a 3-day activity for the launch and group buying of EDGE1.9 from April 10 to 12 in Hotel Bristol, in which many clients of high-end rental and integrated semiconductor industries positively attend and interact.


The EDGE1.9 is ceremoniously launched in this activity, drawing close attention of the mass. Thanks to the all-round integrated edge protector and automatic protection mechanism, the EDGE Series can offer comprehensive protection from the transportation to assembly, which solve the technical difficulty that LED lights of small-pitch Rental products may be easily damaged. Such spoilage can be reduced by 97 percent due to the EDGE Series’ protection for the left & right edges and also three sides below, with automatically invisible cover and edge protection device for fast replacement, which can offer the safest assembly protection in the industry.



Due to its panel of the 8:9 aspect ratio, it is easier to split joint a display of 16:9 size, which can meet different demands for the first-class rental and conference. Still with the wireless design, which is COLEDER’s technical innovation, and automatic switchover of wired and wireless connection, the EDGE Series greatly enhance the installation efficiency and stability. 


Having elaborated the samples’ features and advantages to the visitors, our staff onsite also demonstrate the functions and usage, and answer the product-based questions raised by guests one by one. A wave of order placing upsurge aroused by the group buying activity onsite proves that EDGE1.9 is well received among clients.   



Seeking for development with the innovation and gaining the reputation with quality, COLEDER has won the support and recognition of more customers via the press conference for the product launch. COLEDER will continue to strive for progress in new journey, go forward in market expansion, and offer “the best fine pitch products”!