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Shijiazhuang丨COLEDER’s Coming with Products You Desire

After itinerant exhibitions in Chongqing, Kunming, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, COLEDER has not stopped its step forward to Shijiazhuang, a city under the Taihang Mountain. 

The exhibition was held in Shijiazhuang on July 27, bringing in a splendid fine pitch LED show. Greatly attracted by the Ace Block Series, numerous senior experts and clients in the industry visited the show to enjoy such fantastic products.


You may be curious why the Ace Block Series were so attractive to people, but actually, the answer was deeply in everyone’s heart, like those just came out from our dreams. Yes, the Ace Block Series were just what people desired. 


Wonderful Quality 
Perfect Appearance
Seamless Splice
High in Luminance
Flexible in Usage
Small Space Required
Excellence in Real Experience
Better World Due to the Performance
All of these from the widely praised Ace Block Series