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Guangzhou丨COLEDER’s Itinerant Exhibition in China to Show Advantages of the Core Solution

After the outstanding performance in Chongqing, COLEDER’s itinerant exhibition is stepping into big cities quickly. Now, we came to Guangzhou, which has always been called as “the millennial city of trade".

Shooting the clients’demand from the users’view

The product has always been a focus of the users, with constant technical innovation making the ACE BLOCK Series attracting much attention in the exhibition, which have reliable quality and core technology, but also the brief appearance and process design, solving the complicated assembly, debugging, unstable display and other problems during the usage, so as to be well received by clients. 

 (Innovative cable-free connection allows the product with cleaner appearance and reduces the failure rate.)

 (Seamless splice, freely-combined resolution ratio, and ultra wide visual angle to perfectly show the frames.)


Face-to-face communication to attract you 

COLEDER in the exhibition showed the integrated full-digital solution and technical innovation for local corporate customers and channel partners, and allowed them to closely learn about how the full-digital transformation is pushing the industrial revolution and helping the successful transformation of enterprises. The face-to-face communication, heart-to-heart exchange, and supervising display results made all clients onsite excited for the ACE BLOCK. 

(Clients onsite learnt about COLEDER’s products from all-round aspects.)

Next Exhibition

Shenzhen•July 20

Panglin Hotel, Shenzhen

No.2002, Jiabin Road