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COLEDER ACE BLOCK Shows in the Country Garden Conference Room

Recently, Coleder’s ACE BLOCK A1.25mm lightened in the Country Garden conference room successfully, the total screen area was 20 square meters.


According to the prolonged viewing demand in the meeting room, ACE BLOCK adopted low light high gray technology, also the display brightness is adjustable within 300 ~ 1000d / m², makes the prolonged viewing without fatigue, improved the visual comfort, while the effect at low brightness remains perfect, the rich image detail and non-grayscale loss all contribute to achieving the level of film quality standards. The horizontal viewing angle of ACE BLOCK can achieve 160 ° or more, hence the clear image is visible in every location of the meeting room.


Also, ACE BLOCK features front installation and front maintenance, dual-backup for power and data functions to ensure the screen work stable and reliable in 7 * 24 hours.