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Coleder Supports Charity for National Education

COLEDER on May 19 held an educational endowment ceremony for Liping Middle School in Jukou town, Xinshao county, together with Shenzhen SBC Photoelectricity Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yidianbang Tech Co., Ltd., Changsha Hangte Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Baifa Technology Co., Ltd., which was supported by the LED industry. As an old Chinese saying that well equipped youths lead to a powerful country and education brings in promising future, COLEDER and other hi-tech companies jointly worked for this endowment, showing enterprises' close attention to national education and their own social responsibilities.
Having been established in the era of the Republic of China approximately since a century before, the school's presidents, officials and students presented in the ceremony, who expressed their high appreciation for the endowment and gratefulness for the life. They will keep fit and gumption in the future study and life, students said.

Zheng Yong from COLEDER, representing the LED industrial endowment team, addressed a speech to call that everybody, no matter individual or community, should support the national education, it is a social responsibility for us, and enterprises, as more powerful communities, should contribute more to push the charity.