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Coleder ACE BLOCK 1.2mm LED Video Wall for Corporate Environments

For corporate presentation conference room, lobby displays, high end digital signage, and other general use information displays with limited space, our ACE BLOCK, a iF Design Award NPP direct-view LED product, featuring front install and front service, with 16:9 aspect ratio tile,easy do a 2K, 4K or 8K LED video wall.



Following are our latest enterprise lobby LED video wall project onsite pictures.




Wall mounting depth only 15.2 cm(6 inch).


The iF Design Award is a design award established in 1953 with the aim to promote industrial design. Every year, top-class designers and design managers of corporations examine products and select excellent designs. As a prestigious award in Europe, the birthplace of industrial design, the iF Design Award is one of the most famous international design awards.



The criteria of IF award requires both in-depth understanding of the actual needs of customers and technical innovation that excels. Therefore this award is not only a recognition to the product and the brand, but also a recognition to the company. It encourages Coleder to march forward on the road of technical innovation and create more valuable products for the industry.