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Coleder Winning IF Design Award Announced

With the finalist of the world famous German IF Design Award 2017 confirmed, its awarding dinner will be held on March 10 Munich local time. IF Design Award, with an authoritative history of more than 60 years, is not only known as “the Oscar prize for product design”, but also recognized globally as the vane of excellent design. After three consecutive days of intense selection and strict audit process, this year’s committee of 58 experts and scholars from business, design, education and other fields, made their conclusion of the final gold products. Coleder, as a brand focusing on LED display product R&D and production, win its place in the IF Design Award 2017 design awards finalist with two of its products---Road Ready and Ace Block.

The technology of cable-free connection innovated by Coleder, not only makes the led display look clean and neat, but also help the users save their time and reduce failure rates with easy operation steps. As two market-proved products, even before the IF Design Award, the ROAD READY and ACE BLOCK series have already won The Beauty of Made in China Award and the Golden Pin Design Award. These two series of products have been constantly shown on international professional exhibitions, industry exchange meetings and design awards, and made customers and customers and all walks of life say WOW! Recently, the show down of ROAD READY R2.9 and ACE BLOCK A1.2 on the ISE Show 2017 Amsterdam amazed customers all over the world.

ROAD READY series and ACE BLOCK series have different advantages and both win the praise from the judges and the award participants, ACE BLOCK with its innovative design of front maintenance which can save about 80% time than similar products while ROAD READY with its disassembly speed of 2.8s and the three in one design of power supply, receiving card and hub board.

The criteria of IF award requires both in-depth understanding of the actual needs of customers and technical innovation that excels. Therefore this award is not only a recognition to the product and the brand, but also a recognition to the company. It encourages Coleder to march forward on the road of technical innovation and create more valuable products for the industry.