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The Beauty of Made in China: Coleder Proudly Awarded MEI Awards and Quality Excellence Award

Oct 18, manufacturers all over the country gathered in Guangzhou to attend 2016 MEI Awards (Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards) Ceremony held by Focus Technology Co., Ltd. The MEI award is an award demonstrating the state-of-the-art made-in-China products.

Guests all over the world gathered in this ceremony to witness the beauty of made-in-China products.

Targeted at new made-in-China products, this award has drawn the attention from companies all over the country. Based on the statistics provided by the organizer, nearly 10,000 audience attended this event and 5000 entries participated the competition. 

Great review panel with authoritative leading experts from major industry sectors.

Well-known companies from the LED industry also attended this event and won great awards, among which Coleder Road Ready series won the highest MEI Awards and Quality Excellence Award.

Multi-award winner Coleder Road Ready series drew great attention and obtain high praise from experts, manufacturers and buyers all over the world. Some attendees showed their interest immediately on this event.  

Rich industry experience, creative R&D team, ever-professional attitude and scientific management is the key of Coleder’s success. Coleder’s customers have been consistently impressed by its superior products, stable service and the value its products added to customer’s projects.

In this event, Coleder said it will keep its tradition of “R&D oriented Growth” and keep leading the industry on the road of innovation.