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COLEDER LED Display contribute to Asian-African Conference

Indonesia, Asia and Africa meeting to commemorate the 60th anniversary of a series of activities of the Asia-Africa Summit April 22, 2015 the morning of the opening of the International Conference Center in Jakarta. 34 national leaders from Asia and Africa to attend the summit

This Asian-African Conference adopted 7 pieces LED Display which all provided by the COLEDER Indonesia Company. 
1. The first venue Bandung installed P4.8 full-color LED Display with an area of 3X5m2;. 
2. Bandung hotel installed two pieces P4.8 full-color LED Display, with an area of 3 X 2m2; 
3. Jakarta installed two pieces P6 full color display with an area of 7.5 X 4m2; 
4. Presidential Palace installed two pieces P6 LED Display with an area of 4 X 3m2.

COLEDER focus on more than 3,000 professional integrators for 13 years. COLEDER developed the production of P4.8 and P6 full color LED display with cabinet weighs less than 8Kg, viewing angle of 120 ℃, high gray level, high refresh rate, suitable for conferences , stage performances, weddings, exhibitions show and other places.