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Not only display on IBC, but Display the Future: here comes Coleder with its ACE BLOCK and EDGE LED Display!

Held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) 2017, as started from September 15th to 19th, has attracted more than 1500 exhibitors from over 170 countries. The numbers of exhibitors and visitors both have increased by 5% compared with last year. It’s widely believed among these professional exhibitors that IBC has become a big pageant for various high technologies to show up and to compete and it’ll definitely influences how these technology fields will develop. 

Coleder, the cable-free leader in LED small pixel pitch LED display products, has attended the IBC for the first time. Aiming at being great and world-renowned manufacturer of high-ends products, Coleder has brought a 4K ACE BLOCK 1.25mm and UHD Rental EDGE 1.9 series for exhibition. Both ACE BLOCK and EDGE series are Coleder’s star products.


During the IBC, Coleder has received customers coming from various countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Britain, France, USA, Denmark, Russia, etc. Sales persons have presented to them what excellent features that ACE BLOCK has in itself, such as Ultra high definition, high grey scale when in low brightness, anti-moire patterns. Not only customers, but also competitors think highly of ACE BLOCK series.
Coleder, with its 15-year history and experience, has laid a solid foundation to give professional solutions for customers in fields like broadcasting and TV, command centers, etc. ACE BLOCK has already showed up and displayed itself in projects for TV studios in Germany, USA, Italy, France, and many government departments in China as well.


Besides ACE BLOCK, the newest EDGE series has also showed up for the first time. EDGE is designed for high-ends rental projects. Among all the special features and advantages that sales persons have presented on IBC about EDGE, the most outstanding one is the excellent edge protection ability that EDGE has, which customers agreed on upon.