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COLEDER: Quality Products with Complete Success in InfoComm USA 2018

The annual InfoComm USA was ended on June 8 in the charming Las Vegas, which as the world’s most attractive feast with the greatest influence showcasing the latest professional audiovisual and experiential communication innovations across a broad spectrum of industries had greatly boosted the transactions of exhibitors and buyers from countries and regions worldwide, and promoted the positive communication and exploration among insiders with many highlighted activities and services. COLEDER, being an enterprise with THE BEST OVERALL PRODUCT PERFORMANCE onsite accepted by the clients, drew much attention from numerous visitors and competitors. 

Why was COLEDER so powerful to be deemed as the one with the best product performance by clients in the exhibition? It benefited from the products’ unique and featured advantages in the competitiveness. 


First Launch of High Luminance & Energy Conservation Solution Gained Hot Reaction and Extensive Attention 

We made the comparative presentation and test onsite in respect of common cathode based and ordinary cabinets, showing that luminance of the former reached a level of over 1,500 to 2,000 NIT and had 30% power consumption lower than that of traditional solution under the same panel temperature, which effectively solved the problem that traditional fine pitch displays cannot be applied to the half-outdoor, hall, large meeting room, and other high-luminance environments due to the weak luminance and high power consumption. It is an innovative solution for HIGH LUMINANCE & ENERGY CONSERVATION! 

Seamless Design Exposing to External Environment 

The seamless design is one of the most unique advantages of COLEDER’s ACE BLOCK Series. In the event, their cabinets still showed no seam in the front when their backs were exposed to external environment with bright light, which fully proved the accuracy and technology of these modules and cabinets. As the only enterprise in the exhibition daring to make the cabinets “exposed”, COLEDER was highly appreciated by visitors for its performance.  

Artistic and Clear Wireless Connection Technology Avoided the Risk 

COLEDER has been the first LED display enterprise to innovate the wireless connection technology and application. People were surprised by the ACE BLOCK Series’ clean and artistic back shell and zero-failure advantage in the exhibition, and also their capability to solve the complicated and troublesome installation, debugging, display stabilization and other problems for users. Many competitors kept a close eye on such remarkable advantages, making every effort to learn from us. 

Fantastic Visual Performance and Perfect Experience 

The video with high color saturation was chosen for onsite presentation, making visitors exclaimed at these long-tested products’ visual experience and comprehensive technical skills, which were much amazing than those of competitors. That was the reason for visitors to express their intention for more cooperation with COLEDER in the future. We also elaborately designed the played videos for exhibition, which would provide a better performance if with our displays. 

Our products attracted the world’s famous brands, such as Panasonic and NEC, to visit COLEDER, while many visitors indicated that the overall performance of our products with obvious competitive advantages was the best in the exhibition than others, and highly praised our unique design concept and workmanship.


Such a complete success for COLEDER in the InfoComm USA 2018!

You deserve the expectation in 2019!

See us “AGAIN” from June 8 to 14 in InfoComm USA 2019!!