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Coleder Resplendent at NAB Show 2017

Las Vegas, NV – NAB Show, the world’s largest convention encompassing the convergence of media, entertainment and technology, kicked off on April 24th in Las Vegas. As the annual feast of American radio and television media, NAB Show attracts more than 100 thousand professionals and more than 1600 global radio equipment and technology, manufacturers and suppliers from over 160 countries and regions around the world every year, is going to display the global electronic media industry's latest products to the participants. Whether the participants need a particular product or set of equipment facilities, they will find lots of options in the NAB show. Suppliers are also eager to seize this important opportunity, for they can not only gather the design of vitality and inspiration from other participants, but also lay a good foundation for their products market. 
It is learned that among all the manufacturers, Coleder holds more expectations. After more than ten years of innovation and development, Coleder gradually established and improved the scientific research mechanism and the advanced production management experience,  Coleder exhibition design analog radio studio effect, application scene playback mode in the real environment, TV background wall as the reference standard, combined with the actual application of visualization applications radio and television show, give customers the most appropriate experience. At the same time, Coleder has carried our ACEBLOCK series 4K screen and ROADREADY series 2K screen, which recently wining the German IF award and German red dot award.
In addition, Coleder also exhibited SHOP RETAIL DISPLAY in this NAB show, this product has outstanding advantages in commercial display, which widely used in high-end retail and high-end indoor advertising used as posters, it’s perfect display effect and super simple operation mode also attracted the attention of the participants.