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Coleder’s Ace Block and Road Ready Series Shine Brilliantly at ISE 2017

Feb 7-10, the 14th ISE took place at Amsterdam’s RAI Convention Centre successfully. As Europe's top professional audio-visual integration equipment and technology exhibition, once again ISE showed off the extreme of human wisdom and creativity on product design. With companies all over world exhibiting displays and screens, digital signage system and multi-touch interactive device, Coleder the leading manufacturer of cable-less LED video wall system also impressed the attendees with the great performance of its NPP LED screen series Ace Block and rental screen series Road Ready.

Front Maintenance, High-profile!

During the ISE, Coleder gave an overall demonstration of the latest products of Ace Block series to 44151 attendees from 137 different countries and 4980 exhibitors from 894 companies from 29 different countries and regions, and attracted great attention by the virtue of its innovative design of front install/maintenance. This design of Ace Block can minimize the space requirement, nearly 80% of which is saved compared with other similar products. In addition, the cable-less connection feature, which enables the product to get rid of troubles caused by complicated jumper cables, lowers the possibility of error considerably, raising the product reliability to another level. These product advantages has demonstrate Coleder’s strong capability in innovation.

Coleder also gave a detailed introduction to Ace Block’s power and data redundancy function, demonstrating how an audio-visual product can run in 24/7 operation without problems. 

Assembling and Light Up, Only in 2.8 Seconds!

The Road Ready series paled not beside the Ace Block series. In order to make the attendees better understand of the products and applications of the Road Ready series, staff were arranged to give vivid demonstration for Road Ready products as well.
The timekeeping during the exhibition indicated that the time for installing and lightening a Road Ready panel was just 2.8 seconds! Such an amazing speed greatly shocked the audiences. Customers said that they had never seen any faster LED display install. What’s more, Road Ready products is also featured with very convenient design of its three-in-one back brain (RCV card, hub board and power supply in one back box), which greatly optimized the efficiency of on-site maintenance, making the move just a plug-n-play.

The IF Design Awards Road Ready and Ace Block just won are a global-level recognition to their design, which is once again a proof of Coleder’s R&D capability. With its consecutive successes in both product design and the market recognition, it is sure that Coleder will keep leading the market with more and more innovative products.